Our heritage

BRANDT Collective was founded by Interior Designer Julie Brandt, reflecting her extensive experience and lifelong passion for interior design and décor as an integral part of her DNA.

After decades of experience as an interior designer, Julie Brandt's personal passion is to craft spaces that resonate with people emotionally and aesthetically.

Growing up in an international design family, Julie gained her design and entrepreneurial skills through the inspiration and teachings of her parents, Margit and Erik Brandt, pioneers behind the Margit Brandt Design. The dynamic, visionary design duo put Danish fashion on the global map in the 70's, challenging conservative fashion trends and the status quo of earlier years.

As a child, Julie traveled the world with her parents, exposed to a blend of modern art and antiquities from different cultures. Always surrounded by beautiful objects, Julie's interest was piqued by their distinctiveness and the narratives they carried.

She closely observed her parents’ processes of designing fashion and interior collections as well as renovating numerous residences and buildings in Copenhagen and New York, realizing the transformative power of materials and design elements in elevating spaces from ordinary to extraordinary.

This sparked her passion for curating different aesthetic styles, eras and materials in new combinations, always with a focus on details.

Julie has inherited cross-cutting competencies from both her parents. From her mother, she acquired a keen awareness of form and materials, along with persistence and a penchant for detail-oriented perfection. From her father, she learned about the importance of entrepreneurship, storytelling, art, and business.

Together, these experiences constitute a lifelong education in aesthetic interior architecture and design - in addition to Julie’s studies in Business, Language, and Culture at Copenhagen Business School.

In this sense, Julie has a prevailing passion for design. She was the visionary co-founder of Rue Verte, one of Europe’s first eclectic design houses fusing high-end fashion, lifestyle and interior design. Established in 1994, Rue Verte became a showcase for Julie’s signature approach to design and style for 23 years, meticulously curating a cool mix of diverse elements and influences.

Thus, Julie's DNA as a designer is intertwined with a profound grasp of materials, design, and craftsmanship, as well as a commitment to bridging the gap between past, present, and future through timeless, refined compositions.


What began as a tailored solution for one home blossomed into our eclectic interior collections.

How it started

Our design journey began with a residential interior design project, where Julie Brandt sought handles that seamlessly bridged the classical and modern. Rejecting extremes, she wanted a refined balance, crafting an ambiance that felt both contemporary and harmonious.

Met by a market offering products that veered either too industrial or overly ornate, Julie recognized the need to embark on her own inaugural hardware collection, regarding hardware as the jewel of cabinets.

What began as a tailored solution for one home soon blossomed into an eclectic hardware line, igniting an unprecedented demand. Thus, the SIGNATURE collection was born, paving the way for new collections expanding into other realms of interior design.

This sparked the fervent passion for crafting and refining contemporary designs that defines BRANDT Collective today, offering discerning homeowners the opportunity to curate a personalized aesthetic, blending timeless elegance with modern sophistication.