About us

Striving for a calm and welcoming atmosphere, we aim to bridge classic and modern aesthetics while celebrating the innate beauty of natural materials, textures, and tonalities.

BRANDT Collective is a creative design studio specializing in coalescing product development with the art of interior design.

From our curated collections of Hardware, Home Fragrance, Objects, Lighting, and Furniture to our interior decoration services for private residences and commercial spaces, we strive to elevate every space with understated elegance and distinction.

Anchored in the firm belief that a space should express the essence of the people inhabiting it, we make it our mission to create a bespoke look you can call your own.

Our designs draw on an eclectic mix of influences, eras, and materials rooted in a Scandinavian sensibility with international appeal. Always guided by the perception that details make the difference.

Humans are shaped by their surroundings. The environments we find ourselves in and the objects we interact with influence our emotions, thoughts, and behavior, shaping the framework of our daily experiences.

Hardware holds the power to transform the aesthetic of your kitchen or wardrobe, as a scent can alter your mood or awaken your memories, profoundly influencing your perception of a space. The intuitive tactility of a well-crafted object will stimulate your senses and enhance the ultimate feeling of an interior.

Our collections strive to contribute to a calm and welcoming atmosphere that celebrates the innate beauty of natural materials, textures, and tonalities.


Nature created it - we refine it

Drawing on an electric mix of influences, eras and materials to create a cohesive look that is understated, elegant and enduring.

Rooted in the Scandinavian sensibility but with an international appeal it is the details that make the difference – balancing the raw and the refined using natural, noble materials imbued with an innate beauty.

Our work

Over the past years, Julie Brandt and the team of architects and interior designers have designed numerous private residences, corporate estates, hospitality and worked for a wide range of clients and companies in Europe.

With an uncompromising approach to comfort, a harmonious colour palette and mix of contrasts and styles an aesthetic interaction is created to suit each client’s individual wishes and needs.

We strive to guide our clients in the best possible way from concept to implementation regardless of project size.

Behind the brand

Environments shape us as individuals. The surroundings and objects we interact with influence our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, setting the stage for our daily experiences.

As both an interior architect and designer, our founder Julie brings a unique perspective to the design process where all considerations are part of an architectural vision rooted in actual spaces.

Our designs arise from real everyday needs in an interdisciplinary interaction between functionality and optimization, and creative, aesthetic visualizations.

Always with nature's inherent beauty at the forefront. From proportions to tones and textures, to form and function, we have ensured every detail of our designs to unfold a cohesive narrative, providing the scene for your life.