How we work

Discover the authenticity of design where every piece is curated with architectural sense and purpose.

At BRANDT Collective, we celebrate exceptional craftsmanship and embrace natural materials. Our commitment to quality and longevity ensures each of our pieces to stand the test of time, becoming an integral part of your home.

As an interior architect, Julie Brandt brings a distinct lens to the design process, always envisioning the final outcome and ensuring that every detail harmonizes to craft a cohesive narrative throughout. Thus, none of our designs are created generically, instead we meticulously design each piece to align with an architectural vision grounded in actual spaces, guaranteeing proportions, styles, tones, textures and sensations to seamlessly blend together.

Our process isn't just about creating products; but about creating an experience that harmonizes with your environment. The sculptural designs of our collections blend contemporary aesthetics with classic inspirations, offering a fresh take on timeless elegance.

They are not only visually captivating but also practical and ergonomically thought out, ensuring enduring longevity and quality that you can rely on.

From ordinary to extraordinary

Our collections are meticulously crafted to create everyday treasures that will transform and elevate your space. With attention to our designs as small pieces of functional jewelry for the interior, the collections balance timeless simplicity with recognizable character.

Emphasizing tactile craftsmanship paired with a deep appreciation for nature's intrinsic beauty, we are committed to aesthetics, honesty, and integrity in adding the finishing touch to your private sphere.


Our focus is on quality craftsmanship that transcends generations, creating pieces that can be cherished for more than a lifetime.

At BRANDT Collective, we concentrate on the inherent beauty of nature, selecting each material for its unique character, color, surface, and texture. We value materials that age gracefully over time, adding authenticity and originality to any interior.

Our focus is on quality craftsmanship that transcends generations, to create timeless objects that you will want to covet forever.

Sustainability is at our core, reflected in our choice of partners committed to responsible production and material use. Denmark is a country with a deep respect for nature and design. What truly sets our hardware apart is the dedication to Danish craftsmanship that defines our process.

All of our products are finished by hand and our SIGNATURE collection is assembled in our workshop north of Copenhagen.

Each base in our hardware collections is crafted from one-pieces of solid brass for enhanced durability and unwavering quality. This hands-on approach ensures that every detail is attended to with precision and care, resulting in hardware that isn’t just functional but also a true work of art.

Sustainability isn't just a trend—it's our way of life.


Guided by aesthetics, honesty, and integrity

With a keen sense of touch, material understanding, and composition, we craft products that engage the senses and evoke emotion.

Our passion for design is driven by aesthetics, authenticity, integrity and most importantly honoring the true art of Nordic craftsmanship.

Committed to uncompromising quality and dedicated to creating exclusive pieces that are inclusive of everyone, epitomizing our drive to make luxury accessible through design.