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CUE Collective is a curated mix of elements, eras and materials in new combinations. A collection comprised of furniture, lighting, decorative objects and ambient scents all contributing to an atmosphere of understated elegance. Echoing a Scandinavian sense of aesthetics yet international in appeal, look for a synergy of styles, tones, textures and expressions exquisitely crafted with noble materials. Founder and Creative Director of Cue Collective, Julie Brandt, draws on her 20 years of experience in the industry as the original founder of Rue Verte and Interior & Concept Designer to create a collection that’s cosmopolitan yet classic and raw yet refined, where contrasts come together and details make the difference. With the overall aim of designing interiors that are as individual as the people who inhabit them. It all reflects the essence of CUE’s own identity – Contemporary. Understated. Elegant.

Our deepest desire is to create unique interiors that inspire people to aspire – beyond the typical, the traditional or the trendy. Our raison d’être is rooted in contrasts that come together in interiors that are intimate, inviting and, more than anything, individual. Our collection of furniture, lamps and decorative objects exude an innate beauty that transcends time. It’s the art of combining these contrasts that creates a unique sense of cohesion. 




Scandinavian Sense of Aesthetics 
Clean, uncluttered lines are signature attributes of a Scandinavian approach to design that celebrates the purity of simplicity. The innate beauty of natural, noble materials. A proud heritage of impeccable craftsmanship that dates back decades. An uncanny ability to create timeless designs that appear modern years after they were conceived. Not to mention a sustainable approach to design that’s authentic and enduring.

Colours & Materials
Key to our concept and vision is to offer semi-bespoke furniture, lighting and objects with the ability to choose from a range of variants, such as light and dark colours, mixing and matching textures and materials to create a unique expression. Merging natural with man-made, each material is chosen for its character, colour, look and feel, bearing in mind the durability and longevity of materials over time. They’re just some of the details that we take into consideration, which not only add an extra element of originality. They also add even more individuality to any interior – whether a private home or hotel lobby.

Ambient Scents  
Creating an ambience involves much more than the visual composition of shapes, textures, colours and lighting. It’s about creating a mood with the most powerful sense of all. The sense of smell, able to evoke emotions, memories, associations and a positive atmosphere. 

With our MEMENTO aroma therapy oil blends, we’ve added an extra dimension to your experience of a space. Working with essential aromatic oils, we’ve developed two exquisite scents with soothing and uplifting effects. Used in conjunction with our AURA oil burner in marble and brass, you have an aesthetic object that’s a refined alternative to traditional oil burners. One that enables the oils to slowly evaporate, as they emit a lovely signature scent and create just the mood you want to be in.

Social Responsibility
We actively seek sustainable solutions from the people we choose to partner with, who adhere to the proper protocols for responsible production and use of materials. Furthermore, all our designs are long-lasting in terms of durable materials, construction and appeal. Designs we hope you’ll want to covet forever. 




Intuitive spaces with soul
We draw on diverse materials, colours, styles and tactile sensations in our quest to design intuitive spaces with soul. The outcome is an eclectic mix of raw and refined, classic and contemporary, understated and elegant. Bespoke interiors imbued with atmosphere.

Julie Brandt is the Creative Director and visionary behind CUE Collective. Armed with decades of experience as an Interior Designer, Julie’s personal passion is to design interiors that resonate with people emotionally and aesthetically. Inspiring spaces that echo people’s personal style, comprised of pieces she finds missing in the market with an irrefutable appeal. Her modus operandi is all about empowering people to signal their individuality in personalised spaces.

Our overall approach involves a fusion of carefully selected influences that together create an exquisite sense of equilibrium. Mixing, matching and merging a variety of elements to create a look that’s truly distinctive and that stands out from a sea of sameness.  Playing with dualities and details. Creating cohesion from contrasts. Harmony amidst diversity. Always aiming for an effect that’s individual, authentic and inviting. 

We strive for honesty and integrity in everything we endeavour. Starting with the materials we choose, introducing special finishes, exclusive fabric and other variables, such as both light and dark colours, allowing you to truly personalise a space. We are equally as selective of our partners and suppliers, and we go out of our way to only work with highly-skilled craftsmen and women. Our portfolio is comprised of exclusive items that are inclusive of everyone. Based on our egalitarian attitude towards affordable luxury.




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